Healthcare facility evaluation and patient opinion platform

Empowering patient-centric healthcare

DoveSalute is a unique platform that evaluates Italian healthcare facilities based on statistical data analysis, providing patients and caregivers with invaluable insights for making informed healthcare decisions


Why DoveSalute for pharma?

DoveSalute offers a direct channel to a targeted audience of patients and caregivers, perfectly aligning with the patient-centric initiatives of pharmaceutical companies.

By featuring on DoveSalute, your company can:

 enhance brand visibility and reputation among a highly relevant audience
 promote patient-centric initiatives and products directly to end-users and HCPs
 gain insights into patient preferences and needs, driving more effective marketing strategies

A platform of trust and excellence

DoveSalute stands out for its commitment to providing genuine, data-driven evaluations of healthcare facilities, making it a trusted source for patients and caregivers.

This trust extends to pharmaceutical companies that choose to associate with the platform.


DoveSalute: Always Free, Always Valuable

DoveSalute remains a free service for its users, emphasizing its dedication to unbiased, accessible healthcare information.

By collaborating with DoveSalute, pharmaceutical companies demonstrate their commitment to accessible patient care and information.


Harnessing DoveSalute for pharmaceutical professionals

Pharmaceutical professionals, including Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, and Patient Engagement Coordinators, can leverage DoveSalute to:

 Marketing manager: directly reach and engage with patients and caregivers, tailoring marketing campaigns to address their specific needs and concerns

 Brand manager: build and strengthen brand recognition by associating with a platform dedicated to patient welfare

 Patient Engagement: gain direct feedback from patients and caregivers, informing patient support programs and initiatives

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